Strapping Product Industries


PAC Strapping Product’s Inc. is a proud manufacturer of top quality and durable plastic & steel strapping equipment, semi-automatic & automatic strapper machines, accessory products and more for a variety of commercial and industrial industries at highly competitive prices.


Commercial & Industrial Strapping Equipment Markets:

  • Brick/Bottle & Pave Systems – offering comprehensive strapping systems as well as handheld powered and manual tools such as manual steel tensioners, cutters, and sealers, and sealless combination tools.
  • Can & Bottle – we can provide a strapping system that applies the right amount of stabilizing compression for products including metal cans, paper products, glass, plastics or PET bottles, or palletizing.
  • Food & Beverage – we serve in the packaging, unitizing, and palletizing of a variety of products in this industry including water bottles, sports drinks, wine, refreshments, snack & frozen foods and many more.
  • Graphic Arts – a few of the many strapping products we offer catered to graphic arts applications are automatic strapping machines for higher volume applications, semi-automatic strapping machines for lower volume equipment, and the Impact Strapper for accurate tension.
  • Hay Baling – PAC’s very own manufacturing team has engineered a low elongation polypropylene strapping solution for holding hay bales together throughout the entire transportation process successfully and efficiently.
  • Corrugated Products – we offer a high performance polyester strap designed to retain tension and recover from elongation, ideal for those who produce mass volumes of corrugated products like cardboard and paperboard.
  • Newspapers – for shipping, storage and distribution of your newspaper products, PAC offers a wide range of strapping solutions that will meet your volume needs for the smaller local to the larger national printing houses.


Choose PAC for your Industries Strapping Needs

The right strapping products for your industry will depend on your volume, the materials you typically deal with, and your specific industry. For more information or to get a quote for either steel or plastic strapping equipment availabilities, contact PAC Strapping Products today!