Video Library

PAC has video presentations on the strappers listed below. Please note that this does not represent out entire line of strapping machines, as up to date video productions are an ongoing project. For a complete listing of all of our stock strapping machinery, please refer to the “Strapping Machines” or “Strapping Systems” section of our website.

Sealess Tool


For Horizontal Strapping

For Vertical Strapping

Feedwheel Tensioner

PAC 400


The “work horse” of our strapping line, The AutoPAC 300 is the choice for consistency, performance and value in an automatic strapper. The AutoPAC 300 is available in several different configurations


The semi-automatic strapper that is designed for your toughest applications, the Impact strapper consistently outperforms the competition.

PSM 1412IC3A

The best selling, most economical semi-automatic strapper in North America. The PSM1412-IC3A is ideal for all of your general duty semi-automatic strapping applications.


For a semi-automatic light duty inexpensive solution, the Pallet PAC MV series will give you consistent performance at a low cost. For more complete solutions, please refer to our strapping systems section.


At 65 straps per minute, the SM65 is lighting fast. Available in many different configurations, it is a feature laden state of the art strapper
at a great price.