Recent Trends in Raw Material Prices

At PAC Strapping we are frequently asked “What way is resin going?” and our answer is we do our best to predict if the price will go up or down by following the market. Additionally we read all the industry publications and subscribe to newsletters and look at internal and external indicators to give our best prediction.

Recent announcements seem to indicate that polypropylene resin is on the upswing and traditionally this means that there will be an increase in strap and other polypropylene based items. We have also received letters from resin suppliers indicating that they will increase the price of their polypropylene products. Since it’s hard to win or lose with speculation and external events can often dramatically impact resin prices our best counsel is for distributors to do what they do best: carry enough stock to service their customers.

We will continue to watch the market and keep our customers informed to the best of our abilities. To keep abreast of more industry news we encourage readers to subscribe to our blog and follow us on Facebook. Customers can also learn more about our plastic strapping products by visiting our website.