New Strapping Equipment from PAC Strapping

You may remember from our last post before Pack Expo that we mentioned we’d be bringing a couple new items to showcase to attendees. We wanted to talk a little bit more about our products for those who weren’t able to make it to the show. We are very pleased with the feedback we are receiving so far on our new pallet packaging systems.

The SM 65 Strapping Machine is an automatic machine designed to operate at fast speeds (up to 65 straps per minute) and will give you jam free performance. The SM65 is available in a painted version, and also a stainless steel version. The stainless model is ideal for meat, produce, and seafood environments this piece of equipment comes loaded with features and is extremely user-friendly.

We also unveiled our stainless steel side seal SM 60 Strapping Machine. This strapping machine can operate at up to 60 straps per minute and features an LCD display and waist high feeding system. Users can operate this machine as a stand-alone piece of equipment or easily integrate it into an existing system. The SM60 is also available in a stainless version for wet and corrosive environments.

In the show, we also featured a new pallet strapper. The new PSS703 Series is a cost effective pallet strapper with advanced features. Among the many optional configurations are both horizontal and vertical strappers. Features include an indexing strap head, floating strap head, and the option of pallet void feeders to thread the strap though your pallet.

To learn more about all of our new products, visit our website. We also actively post company updates and industry news on FacebookLinkedIn, and YouTube.

The Pack Expo is Right Around the Corner

At PAC Strapping we’ve been writing about Pack Expo for a while and now the event is right around the corner on November 2nd-5th. We’re very excited to be exhibiting at the largest packaging event in North America and we’ll be showcasing several new pieces of equipment at the show. Attendees will be able to see our SM-60 Side Seal machine and our stainless steel SM-65 which is designed specifically for meat, produce, and seafood environments. We’ll also be featuring our new pallet strapper which comes loaded with features such as an indexing strap head, floating strap head, and pallet void feeders.

Additionally, most of PAC Strapping’s staff will be at our booth, E-8265, which provides a great opportunity for attendees to meet our staff and see our equipment. We rarely are able to talk to customers with our equipment in front of us which is why we like to exhibit at trade shows throughout the year. We also want as many people as possible to attend the Pack Expo which is why we recently sent out a free invitation to all our customers. We encourage all our customers to check their email for a code which waives the fee for the show.

To preview our products before Pack Expo, visit our website and follow us on Facebook for more news about PAC Strapping as well as the packaging industry.