Quick Sales Tips from PAC Strapping

At PAC Strapping we are always looking to help our customers. One way we do this is to publish a quick sales tip each month. This one page document goes out to our customers and provides them with sales materials and ideas to increase sales and profits of strapping.

And now we want to extend these materials to our blog readers as well. Our clients can read these monthly tips in just a few minutes and get valuable advice on selling more strapping and helping solve their customers’ problems. Our customers and network of distributors tell us that they use these tips to get new ideas and how to approach customers who need strapping solutions.

Additionally, we are constantly asking our customers what we can improve with our sales tips and business in general. We send out surveys to our customers twice a year to learn more about their needs and where we can do better. This year we saw several positive results in our survey from our respondents, including a significant majority of our customers who said lead times were regularly met, 100% who said the ability to get customer service to answer their questions was on a timely basis, 100% said that since launching the online tool repair system they were able to get tool repairs completed faster, and in regards to sales support. Half of our territory managers were rated “Best in Class” among all mill reps, and provided exceptional sales support. We are excited to hear back from our customers and will take these results into consideration for improving our business.

To learn more about PAC Strapping and our products and services, please visit our website. Readers can also follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for more industry news, company updates, and of course more sales tips.