PAC Strapping Announces New Polyester Cord Strapping

We’re very excited to announce our new polyester cord strapping to our customers. We first unveiled our new cord strapping at Pack Expo and are now ready to share it with all of our clients. We worked on developing this new product for over a year and field tested it for all of 2013 before shipping to ensure that it meets the quality standards our customers have come to expect. It has now been proven in hundreds of applications and is especially well-suited for building trade applications and holds together for “lumber drops” on the job site.

Our new polyester cord strapping is available in both bonded and woven as well as regular duty and heavy duty. The strapping is easy to apply and only requires a hand tensioner and heavy duty wire buckle. The new polyester cord strapping can also help customers save money on freight costs and we are able to offer our clients comprehensive training including methods of application so that they can receive all the benefits of the cord strapping.

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