Side Seal Strapping Machines

Our side seal strapping machines offer a wide range of possibilities when it comes to heavy-duty strapping applications. Designed to keep dust and debris away from the strapping head, these models are excellent as either a standalone solution or as part of a fully automated conveyor system.

In side seal strapping machines, the strapping head is located on the side of the unit, allowing parcels, bundles, and other items to be strapped lower to the ground—excellent for heavier packages or for conveyor belts that are lower to the ground.

SM60 Side Seal Strapping Machine

The SM60 comes in both standard and stainless steel styles, and it utilizes the highly reliable strapping head from the SM65—30% fewer parts than comparable models, allowing for optimum efficiency and minimal maintenance. This unit is the fastest side seal strapping machine on the market with a maximum speed of 60 straps per minute. Some of the features it includes are:

  • • Automatic ejection of missed straps with jam-free technology
  • • A one-piece strap track for parallel straps
  • • Easy strap access
  • • A pivoting internal strap dispenser, which eliminates the need for ladders to load the unit
  • • Consistent heat seals with a sensor controlled heater

The SM60 can be configured to be used as part of a fully automatic conveyor belt system, or you can use it with a roller table.

Auto PAC 300 Side Seal

High value for the cost, the Auto PAC 300 Side Seal provides a wide array of features that you’d often only find in much more expensive models. This side seal strapping machine is highly useful for banding items close to the floor, and the side-mounted strapping head is kept away from debris. You have multiple methods of activating the machine, either with a foot pedal or manually. A fully automatic system is also available which uses a photocell for activation. Other features include:

  • • Auto feeding
  • • A lubrication free strapping head
  • • Automatic loop ejection for missed straps
  • • Automatic ejection of short strap ends when the coil is almost out
  • • Consistent electronically controlled tension

The standard version operates efficiently on its own, and the fully automatic can be easily integrated into conveyor systems.

Applications of Side Seal Strapping Machines

Side seal strapping machines are ideal for scenarios where you deal with a large amount of dust, debris, and moisture since they keep the strapping head away from those. As such, they are often used for the following:

  • • Heavy package banding and general bundling
  • • Lumber
  • • Food industries

For more information about our side seal strapping machines and how they can benefit your business, contact PAC Strapping Products today.