steel sealless combination strapping-tools

Sealless Combination Tools

We stock and service sealless tools for a range of applications. In addition to the SL340, an inexpensive tool for regular duty steel strapping applications, we also stock the HT-SL, a cost competitive tool for both regular duty and high tensile steel.

In addition to stock tools, we can supply specialized tools for specific applications. Just check with customer service or your PAC Territory Manager.

steel sealless combination strapping-tools Strap Size
Tool Type Shipping
WGT .(lbs.)
SL340 1/2 x 0.017 to 3/4 x 0.023 RD Sealless 8
A335 1/2 x .020 to 3/4 x 0.023 RD Sealless 8.9 – Normal
9.5 – TW
A337 3/8 x 0.015 to 3/4 x 0.025 RD Sealless 9.8 – Normal
10.4 – TW