Plastic Strapping Tools

PAC offers a wide range of manual plastic strapping tools that are both built to last and designed to streamline your industrial strapping processes. The increased speed, tension capabilities, and reliability these manual and powered tools afford you help reduce the time spent on operations, wasted materials, and worker fatigue.

We offer both manual and powered strapping tools to assist with tensioning, sealing, and cutting polypropylene or polyester strap, making them excellent for bundling, packaging, and palletizing applications with small- to moderate-scale production requirements. As a plastic strapping tool supplier with over 30 years in the industry, our products are both highly durable and competitively priced.

Manual Strapping Tools

PAC brand manual strapping tools provide a simple way to increase the efficiency of strapping operations. The following items are highly cost-effective solutions for operations that do not require the speed of powered tools or machines.

  • Tensioners: Our manual tensioners include the industry standard PST34 hand tensioner and the PST-HD for heavy duty applications.
  • Sealers: There are two different lines of sealers that provide a cost-effective way to seal serrated seals with polyester strapping in heavier applications. The traditional SJ series, or the new symmetrical sealers, which are easy to use, will both yield a high strength seal joint. The ES48, ES58, and ES68 models are suitable for general use.
  • Combination tools: The PAC400HD and PAC500HD combination strapping tools include tensioning, cutting, and sealing functions in a single manual tool, and are excellent for applications that require high joint strength.

Additional information about specific manual strapping tools can be found here

Battery Powered Strapping Tools

For increased power, speed and consistency, PAC Strapping Products provides battery powered strapping guns for light to heavy duty strapping applications. Powered by lithium ion batteries, these strapping tools tension, cut, and weld the strap with the press of a single button, allowing for rapid operation and minimal downtime.

Pneumatic Strapping Tools

Reliable, durable, and highly efficient, the PAC APT line of pneumatic strapping tools are designed to make all manual bundling, palletizing, and packing operations as effortless as possible. All operations, including tensioning, friction welding, and cutting the strap, are performed with the press of a single button, reducing time, material wastage, and operator fatigue during strapping processes.

Our APT pneumatic strapping tools provide uniform tension, secure friction-welded strapping, and high efficiency. More information on our pneumatic products can be found here