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Pallet Strapping Systems


Utilizing the proven reliability of the 733 Strapping head, the PSS733 comes in a variety of configurations and is designed to tackle a broad range of pallet strapping applications.

With its modular arch system and ability to handle a variety of sizes of both Polyester and Polypropylene strapping, the PSS733 is an extremely versatile pallet strapping system. The 733 strapping head is solidly built and durable enough for the toughest applications. A built-in automation interface makes the PSS733 easy to integrate into any conveying system. With the ability to pull over 670 pounds of tension the PSS733 is capable of applying both polypropylene and polyester in the recommended working range to keep pallets secure, improve production efficiency, and lower total packaging costs.

As with all PAC strapping equipment, PAC provides the best warranty in the industry.

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PSS733V Series
(Vertical Strappers)

Available Options PSS733V Series

  • Separate operator control console
  • Siemens HDMI touch panel (Standard on the VLM)
  • Low tension option (Tension range 45 lbs. – 275 lbs.)
  • Floating head
  • Perpendicular strap dispenser
  • Top Compression (450 lbs.)
  • Top Compression (1100 lbs.)
  • Elevated bracing system (4.3” – 17.7”)
  • Elevated bracing system (17.75” – 31.5”)

Technical Specifications

Strap Type: Polypropylene and Polyester
Strap Width(s): 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”
9mm, 12mm, 15.5mm
Strap Thickness: Polypropylene
3/8” (9mm) – .030-.035” (.75-.9mm)
1/2-5/8” (12-15.5mm) – .028-.035” (.7-.9mm)
3/8” (9mm), 1/2” (12mm), 5/8” (15.5mm)
.020-.031” (.5-.8mm)
Strap Coil Size: 16” ID x 6” FACE (406x150mm)
Weight: 960 lbs.
437 Kg
Tension Range: 250 lbs. – 675 lbs. (Standard)
Maximum Indexing Head
Travel (VM & VLM only):
19.68” (500mm)
Capacity: Up to 70 Pallets per hour,
double strapped
Power Requirements: 220V 3Phase, other power
options are available

PSS733H Series
(Horizontal Strappers)

The enhanced PSS733H provides accurate strapping output on
all natural-sized loads with consistent performance. It maximizes
the productivity and minimizes the production cost for users.
Designed for simple and quick connection to the master control
system, PSS733H can easily fit in various end-of-line packaging
sectors. It is your best choice for fully automatic operation
in various applications, including palletized products, home
appliance, bricks & blocks, etc.

Available Options PSS733H Series

  • Floating head
  • Freestanding operation desk
  • Light tower with low strap sensor
  • Dual channel E-Stop
  • Lower tension range (45 – 270 lbs)
  • HMI and PLC mounted on the opposite side
  • Auto strap program selecting (BCD input)
  • No safety rack
  • 200 mm I 280 mm strap dispenser
  • Uplifted support
  • Maximum package height up to 2700 mm

Technical Specifications

Strap Type: PP and PET strapping
Strap Width(s): 3/4”, 1/2”, 5/8”
Minimum Strapping Height: a) With conveyor: 6.3”
above conveyor surface
(b) Without conveyor:
9.4” above floor
Capacity Up to 60 pallets/hour
(3 parallel straps)
Strap Core Size: 16″
Source & Air
6 bar
7.1 liter/cycle
Tension Range: 247 – 719 lbs (standard)
45 – 270 lbs (option)
Electrical Requirements: 220V, 380V, 400V,
415V 50/60Hz 3PH
Arch Size Standard – 57”/1450 mm (L) x 55.1”/1400 mm (W)