Strapping Machine Supplier

As your trusted strapping machine supplier, we provide you with both automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines that are designed to enhance efficiency for both steel and plastic strapping. These banding machines are intended to quickly and carefully handle larger volumes of cartons, boxes, and other units your business handles on a daily basis, cutting down the time it would take to manually band them individually.

At PAC Strapping Products, we offer a full line of plastic strapping machines that will meet your needs.

Types of Banding Machines

Sometimes called banding machines, there are two types of strapping machines: semi-automatic and automatic. The differences are as follows:

  • Semi-automatic: Semi-automatic banding machines rely at least partially on operator assistance, and are generally useful for lower volume strapping applications. Semi-Automatic machines are ideal for situations where you need to easily strap a moderate number of items, but don’t have the massive volume that would justify a fully automatic system.
  • Automatic: Automatic strapping machines can be completely hands-off—using various sensors and high-precision components, or can require pressing an activation button. These systems can strap hundreds of items in minutes. This makes them ideal for high-volume industrial applications where thousands of items need to be packed up rapidly each day.

Plastic strapping machines come in automatic and semi-automatic configurations, and the type of machine you will need depends on the exact applications you’ll be using it for.

Semi-Automatic Applications

  • Rely on human inputs rather than highly advanced technology
    • Ideal for situations where you deal with a wide variety of item sizes and shapes since making adjustments to the machine’s specifications won’t necessitate extra time
  • Highly cost effective both up front and in terms of maintenance
  • Ideal for small – to mid-sized applications
    • Low-volume warehousing
    • Counter-top bundling
    • Other scenarios where you don’t necessarily need lightning-fast strapping over the course of the day.

Automatic Applications

  • Designed to operate with minimal human input
    • Excellent for quickly banding large volumes of similar-sized items
    • They can do this either as a standalone machine or as part of a full-scale industrial system
    • Some models are completely operatorless and can function virtually on their own with minimal maintenance
    • If mass volume is critical to your business, a fully automatic strapping machine could be well worth the investment.

When determining what type of steel or plastic strapping machine you need, consult with PAC today. As a full-service strapping machine manufacturer, we can help you choose the right model for your specific business applications.

Stainless Steel Strapping Solutions

The PAC line of stainless steel strapping machines are designed to withstand harsh environments and remain intact. With multiple machines to suit your application, one of our premier steel strapping solutions are sure to meet your needs. Contact us today, we are here to answer your questions as your plastic & steel strapping machine supplier.