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Plastic & Steel Strapping Kits


As a full-service steel and plastic strapping kit supplier, PAC offers a wide range of complete kits to help you quickly get started with manual banding. These kits are ideal for small scale applications, such as individual carton or crate sealing, or for larger applications like construction or lumber worksites where speed is less important than strength.

Plastic Strapping Kits
The Plastic Strapping Kits come in five different types including Strap PAC, Econo PAC, All PAC, Postal Kit, and Heavy Duty Cord Kit. Each of these kits contains its own separate products.

Steel Strapping Kits
The Steel Strapping Kits come in two different types including the Portable Steel Kit & the Jumbo Steel Kit. Each of these kits contains its own separate products.

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What Are Strapping Kits?

Each strapping kit contains all the essentials that you’ll need for your specific business application. Tools and materials typically include:

  • • Coils of steel or plastic strapping
  • • Seals or buckles (alternatively, a manual sealing tool)
  • • A tensioner
  • • The appropriate crimpers and for steel kits, cutters

All kits come with instructions on the use of the tools included within. This means you can order the kit that suits your needs and get going without the need for complex integration or installation, making them ideal for lower volume applications.

The kits we offer include:

  • STRAP PAC for basic volume plastic strapping
  • ECONO PAC for higher volume levels of heavy duty plastic strapping
  • ALL PAC which includes polyester or polypropylene strapping
  • Postal Kit, which is optimized for post office work
  • CORDKIT, which is intended for heavy-duty polyester cord strapping
  • Portable Steel Kits for steel strapping
  • JUMBO Steel Kits for the heaviest of heavy applications

A number of these kits come in various sizes, making it even easier to choose just what you need for your industry.

Applications of Strapping Kits

We are a steel and plastic strapping kit supplier, so we offer products for a wide range of applications. Plastic strapping kit applications include:

  • • Postal work
  • • Job sites involving heavy-duty materials with our CORDKIT
  • • Lightweight bundling
  • • Crate and box packing

As your steel strapping kit supplier, PAC Strapping Products provides you with steel banding kits for the following uses:

  • Lumber and construction
  • • Heavy crating and palletizing
  • • Flat loads
  • • Round bundles

Our steel strapping kits come in both portable and jumbo sizes, making it easy for you to choose exactly what you need for your business.

Your Plastic and Steel Strapping Kit Supplier

At PAC Strapping Products, we have been in the industry long enough to know what you need when it comes to plastic and steel strapping. Our kits are intended to make your order simple, straightforward, and cost-effective, both in terms of time and money. To learn more about the kits we offer, contact us or read on about our strapping kits.