High Tensile Steel Strapping

PAC Strapping offers high-quality, reliable high tensile steel strapping that is designed to meet and exceed your expectations. We are a full-service distributor of steel strapping offering a range of high tensile sizes to meet your toughest applications. High tensile steel is manufactured from cold roll steel and heat-treated to maximize break strength and ductility. High tensile steel provides additional break strength and shock resistance for the most challenging applications including:

  • – Building trades such as brick, block, and lumber
  • – Metals Industry including steel service centers
  • – Heavy machinery
  • – Textiles
  • – Military
  • – And many more

PAC Strapping also offers a full line of steel strapping tools and closures for high tensile steel strapping.

All high tensile steel strapping is painted, waxed, and edge treated. We offer full pallet quantities and portable coil options as well.

To learn more about high tensile steel strapping and many other products please contact us.


Stock Steel Strapping

 steel-strapping Coil Width
Average Break
Average Coil Weight
Coils per Pallet
Oscillated Wound, High Tensile Steel
3/4x.025HT-VS 3/4 0.025 2770 15.69 100 12
3/4x.029HT-VS 3/4 0.029 3205 13.30 100 12
Ribbon Wound, High Tensile Steel
1 1/4x.029HT-VS 1 1/4 0.029 5530 8.11 100 20