Plastic Strapping Manufacturer

Plastic Strapping is actually a range of products made from some form of plastic or polymer, utilizing 2 different manufacturing processes to form a strong “band”, which is used in a broad range of packaging and bundling applications.

PAC manufactures plastic strapping utilizing all of the current technologies, in various sizes colors and breaking strengths, all under the brand name of PAC Strapping Products.

Plastic Strapping Materials

The most common of the current plastic strapping types is polypropylene strapping. Polypropylene strapping begins with a common plastic, Polypropylene as the raw material. Plastic pellets, both virgin and reprocessed material is extruded into a band or sheet. In carefully controlled conditions, the material is heated, stretched, and relaxed, yielding a  finished product that is as much as 7 times stronger than the basic raw material. Used in various packaging and bundling operations, polypropylene can be applied by hand (without tools), with hand tools, both powered and manual, and with automatic machines. Common industries for polypropylene are publishing, meat, seafood, agricultural products and general warehousing and packaging.

The second most popular plastic strapping, also made by and marketed as PAC Strapping Products in Polyester strapping. While the process is similar, the manufacturing begins with polyester resin, primarily reprocessed, and yields a finished product that is both extremely strong and will hold tension better than polypropylene. Because of its strength and durability, polyester strapping has often used a replacement for steel strapping in many industries. Some of the most common applications for polyester strapping are lumber, bricks, blocks, paver stone, drywall, timber, glass bottles and cans, and heavy duty palletizing. Where appropriate, switching from steel banding to polyester is safer, more cost-effective and improves performance. Applications of polyester are comparable to polypropylene.

A third type of plastic strapping is cord strapping. PAC manufactures cord strapping, also under its own brand in regular and heavy duty sizes. In the manufacture of cord strapping, polyester fibers are bound together, either using some form of adhesive, or in a weaving process on a loom. The result is a strapping product that is very easy to apply, yielding the same ultimate characteristics of high breaking strengths and superior retained tension as extruded polyester strapping. Cord strapping is almost exclusively applied and tensioned by hand.

Experts in Plastic Strapping

PAC is able to supply application-specific products designed and engineered for the customer’s needs. We have an experienced customer service team that can assist you with product selection based on your particular application. In addition, our territory managers cover North America, and will work with manufacturers to find the right strapping product and the right tools or machines for the toughest challenges. In most cases, PAC can arrange for local distribution of our product to allow for “just in time” inventory, along with local service for strapping machinery and equipment.