strapping dispensers
strapping dispensers

strapping dispensers
strapping dispensers

Plastic & Steel Strapping Dispensers

All PAC strapping dispensers are quality manufactured utilizing the highest quality material and workmanship. High yield structural tubing, heavy load bearing wheels and solidly constructed brake assemblies result in dispensers that will give you years of dependable performance.

DSP Models


  • DSP HD Deluxe Dispenser

    The DSP HD is a heavy-duty dispenser designed for use with all oscillated wound steel coils and 16” plastic coils. In addition to a convenient tray for tools and seals, and 8” wheels, it features the exclusive strap roller payoff system to prevent kinks and strap spill-over.

  • DSP STD Our Standard Dispenser

    Our best-selling model, the 863 can be used for both steel and nonmetallic strapping. Features include an automatic brake, heavy-duty 6″ wheels, and a tool tray. This cart is extremely versatile and accepts 3″, 6″, and 8″ face coils as well as 16″ and 8″ cores.

  • DSP OSC Heavy Duty Dispenser

    This unit has a continuous handle heavy duty tubular frame. It comes complete with a large tool tray, automatic brake, and 7.5’ plastic wheels. It accepts 16″ core coils in face sizes up to 6″ and is compatible with steel and nonmetallic strapping. Shipped knocked down, can ship via UPS.

RWD Models


    • RWD125 Ribbon Wound Dispenser

      This is a heavy duty, continuous handle, tubular constructed dispenser. Designed for use with ribbon wound 1 1/4″ steel, this unit is complete with 10″ semi-pneumatic wheels, and an extra large tool tray.

    • RWD2020 Strap Truck

      Designed for ribbon wound steel, the RWD 2020 holds up to 3 ribbon wound coils, has space to store heavy duty tools and seals, and oversize wheels for ease of handling. This is a well constructed heavy duty cart suitable for the most demanding applications.

    • DSP-TOOL Heavy-Duty Mobile Strap Dispenser

      Heavy-duty mobile strap dispenser with Tool Mast & Tool Balancer. Heavy-Duty steel frame with durable enamel finish, 10” back wheels with lockable front castors. Designed for plastic or steel strapping and compatible with 8” or 16” inner core. A great solution to reduce expensive tool repair costs as a result of drops ergonomically designed to reduce pressure on hands and wrists.

    *Tool and tool bracket not included


We repair all makes & models of strapping tools and equipment (including Signode, Samuel, Polychem, FROMM & many more!)

WGT. (lbs./M)
DSP HD Oscillated Steel 16×6, 16×3 Steel/Plastic 58
DSP OSC 16×6,16×3 Steel/Plastic 58
RWD125 Ribbon Wound 1 1/4 Steel 74
RWD2020 Ribbon Wound Steel 73
WGT. (lbs./M)
DSP Economy Cord 3″, 4″ Polyester Cord Light Duty, Stationery with buckle /tool tray 11
DSP Cord 3″, 4″ Polyester Cord Regular Duty with tool tray and 6” plastic wheels 28
DSP STD 8″ Composite Cord Regular Duty with brake, tool tray and 6” wheels 48


Strap Bandit

The StrapBandit is a revolutionary pallet threading tool, designed for corded and plastic strap. The durable, efficient design of the Bandit strapping tool enables users to easily feed the material under and through most wood pallets and plastic pallets while standing comfortably upright.

  • Professional pallet threading tool
  • Faster and easier than any other threading tool
  • Thread pallets while standing up
  • Works on all pallets
  • Handles all plastic and corded strapping
  • Securely holds strap from thin to thick and any width