plastic strapping seals

Seals for Plastic Strapping

PAC Seals are manufactured from the finest raw materials under carefully controlled conditions. They are known throughout the industry for quality, consistency and reliability. All standard open and closed seals are made to ASTM Standard D3950. Contact us for more information on our ASTM D3950 plastic strapping seals.

plastic strapping seals Strap Size
WGT. (lbs./M)
Open Seals
S-30 3/8 .020 8
S-40 1/2 .025 12
S-40L 1/2 .020 10
S-50 5/8 .025 15
S-50L 5/8 .020 12
S-60 3/4 .025 18
Closed Seals
CS-30 3/8 .020 8
CS-40 1/2 .020 11
CS-50 5/8 .025 15

Seals for Combination Tools

Combination Seals are designed for use in specific tools. When ordering, please specify tool or comparable competitive seals. In addition to the stock sizes listed below, we carry a full line of seals for competitors’ tools.

plastic strapping seals Strap Size
Description Shipping
WGT. (lbs./M)
HSS-4 1/2 High Strength Serrated 15
HSS-5 5/8 High Strength Serrated 21

Application Tip – Plastic Strapping Seals

Open Seals (S-30 through S-60) The most common plastic seal, open seals allow you to place the seal on after tensioning has occurred.
Closed Seals (CS-30 through CS-50) Closed seals must be threaded onto the strap before tensioning. They are used most frequently with round packages or bundles.
Serrated Seals ( HSS-4, HSS-5 )
These seals are made with “teeth” that actually grip the strap, yielding higher joints than traditional seals.