EcoGuard™ Edge Protection

The “green” solution to Unitizing and Edge Protection

ECOGUARD™ is manufactured from 100% recycled high density polyethylene. It can also be recycled, and contains no glues, adhesives, inks or other non plastic contaminants that hinder recyclability. It is also designed to be re-used. In addition to being a “green” alternative to paper or laminated products, Ecoguard™ has characteristics that make it the preferred alternative to other forms of edge and corner protection. Characteristics and benefits are listed below:

  • Moisture and Weather Resistant

    Unlike paper products, Ecoguard™ is waterproof and will not break down when stored outside. It continues to protect your product in all types of climates.

  • Unitizes Your Shipment

    Used in conjunction with strap or stretch film, Ecoguard™ unitizes smaller packages on your pallet reducing pilferage and damage.

  • Improved Stacking Strength

    Vertical application of Ecoguard™ reinforces loads allowing them to be stacked higher and more effectively using warehouse space.

  • Better tension distribution

    Used with strap, either plastic or steel, Ecoguard™ disburses tension around the load increasing package integrity and reducing strap and shipping damage.

  • Custom sizes

    In addition to stock sizes, Ecoguard™ can be custom produced in various weights and lengths to fit specific loads.