Strapping Products

At PAC Strapping Products, we provide a wide range of plastic and steel strapping equipment to meet your business’s individual needs. These products are designed with quality and efficiency in mind, and they can be used for a wide array of applications on all scales. Whether you need small scale plastic strapping equipment for small-business inventorying or heavy-duty steel strapping for industrial applications, we provide you with the systems, materials, and tools you need, all at competitive pricing and with prompt delivery.

Types of Strapping Product

We are a full-service strapping manufacturer and supplier, which enables us to bring to you to the exact equipment and materials you need. Among our strapping products are the following:

  • Plastic Strapping, including polypropylene, polyester, and cord strapping
  • Steel Strapping, which comes in either regular strength or high-tensile strength varieties
  • Strapping Machines, both automatic and semi-automatic
  • Manual Tools for applying plastic and steel strapping for hand application
  • • Battery and Pneumatic powered tools for higher volume hand application
  • Accessory products, including buckles, seals, dispensers, and edge protectors
  • Customized Strapping Systems, including light and heavy duty solutions
  • Strapping Kits, which are designed to help you easily get started with strapping processes

To implement either steel or plastic strapping equipment in your business, contact us to help you get started with the right products for your needs.

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Common Applications

With a wide variety of strapping products, we can provide you with the equipment you need for your business’s exact applications. These range from small-scale bundling by hand to industrial scale packaging and shipping. General applications include the following:

  • • Bundling items such as newspapers or piping
  • • Sealing and reinforcing boxes or crates
  • • Attaching product to pallets or flatbeds
  • • Securing items within a truck, boxcar, etc.
  • Baling
  • • Securing coils of product, such as steel or paper

Plastic strapping equipment is commonly used for:

  • • Packaging meat, seafood, and other food products
  • • Publishing
  • • Warehousing
  • • Agriculture, such as baling hay

Steel strapping equipment—along with certain types of highly durable plastic strapping—is usually reserved for applications that require a high level of strength with little flexibility. These types of applications may include:

  • Bricks
  • • Blocks
  • • Paver stones
  • • Timber
  • • Heavy palletizing

The types of equipment you choose will depends largely on your day-to-day volume. Hand tools are usually best for low-volume applications. Automatic or semi-automatic strapping machines are best for high-volume industrial scenarios.

Choosing PAC Strapping Products

The right strapping products for your industry will depend on your volume, the materials you typically deal with, and your specific industry. To get more information or a quote about steel and plastic strapping equipment available to you, contact PAC Strapping Products today!