At PAC Strapping Products, we understand the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, including the need to package items as securely as possible. Our strapping products allow for safe, reliable bundling, palletizing, and carton closing in pharmaceutical applications that prevent package tampering and losses. Each tool and machine is designed to be both durable and competitively priced, allowing for truly cost-efficient operation.

Pharmaceutical Strapping Equipment

Manual plastic strapping tools come in several varieties, including tensioners, cutters, and sealers. Combination tools are also available that help speed up the process of low-production packaging and bundling operations. In most cases in the pharmaceutical industry, lightweight equipment is sufficient. Some of our manual and powered tools include:

  • • The PST34 manual tensioner
  • • ES48 manual sealer
  • • BT2450 powered strapping tool

For faster packaging, bundling, and package reinforcement applications, semi-automatic and automatic strapping machines are available, including:

Strapping for Pharmaceutical Applications

The light weight of pharmaceutical products makes polypropylene strap a great, cost-effective solution for strapping, bundling, carton closing, and package reinforcement. It is the most easily recyclable of our strapping products, and it is strong enough for most applications. In addition, low elongation grade polypropylene strap is often a satisfactory substitute for polyester in lighter-duty applications.

High-performance polyester is excellent for heavier-duty applications and for extra rigidity to prevent product tampering. Its higher elongation resistance and tension retention allow for tighter straps and more secure pallets and bundles.

Plastic strap can be applied either by hand with manual tensioners, sealers, and cutters, or by machine with semi-automatic or automatic equipment. PAC offers several of these products.

In addition to our high-quality tools and equipment, PAC offers a wide range of accessories, including strap dispensers, buckles, seals, and edge protectors. We also provide expert tool repair for your strapping equipment and attractive warranties. To learn more about our strapping supplies and services, contact PAC Strapping Products.