Textile Strapping Equipment

PAC Strapping Products offers a strong selection suitable for the textile industry. Whether strapping delicate materials or hard, protective packaging, we have the right equipment and accessories. We combine quality products with competitive prices to ensure we provide the best service to the industry.

Textile Strapping Products

No two industries have the same requirements when it comes to packaging. In reality, no two companies within that industry have the same. Textile is no different. You have unique needs, depending on the durability of the product, and your chosen shipping method.

That’s why we at PAC Strapping Products, have a wide array of industry standard equipment to make sure your shipment reaches its destination unharmed. Whether you’re dealing with tough carpeting or fine silk, we have what you need. Some of the products we offer are:

We don’t deal in low durability machines. They are all built to last. In today’s market, you can’t risk production breaking down. Relying on inferior product is an error that may cost you down the line. Step up your operation with reliable strapping. Feel free to contact us. We can answer any specific questions you might have.

Strapping Product Applications for the Textile Industry

Your products can be strapped securely, efficiently, and quickly with the right tools. At PAC, we know textiles like the back of our hand. We know exactly what you need to keep your operation running smoothly. Typical applications found for strapping in the textile industry include:

    • • Palletization of Textile Products
    • Linen & Fabric Strapping
    • We offer a variety of high performance strapping equipment, tools and materials for any textile product ranging from delicate to tough.

Additional Textile Strapping Services

Equipment isn’t all we do. We have the tools, service, and know-how to help you now AND down the line. The extras we offer include:

  • • Customized Strapping Systems because you’re not a cookie cutter business
  • • Small accessories to meet the minute details
  • • Strap kits
  • • Ongoing tool and equipment repair services. We stand behind what we sell, and we offer the repairs to make sure they stay running

We’ve been in the industry for over twenty years. We know textiles, and we know how to exceed your needs. Isn’t it time you upgraded? Trust PAC Strapping Products to do just that. Contact us today or request a quote!