PAC brand strapping and equipment give the paper industry a highly reliable way to bundle, palletize, and package their products. Common applications we can assist with include:

  • • Pulp paper
  • • Paper rolls
  • • Sheet paper
  • • Copy paper

Each of our products is designed to be durable and precise while also being offered at a competitive price, making them excellent for the demands of the paper industry.

Strap for the Paper Industry

Bundled and palletized paper products get heavy, so you need strapping that can handle the weight requirements of your loads. Our high performance polyester strap is ideal for paper bundling, packaging, and palletizing operations since its high break strength and tension retention keep strapped product stable and secure. Our machine grade polyester strap is specially designed for the rigors of the paper industry with the following offerings:

  • • Machine and friction welding options
  • • Low elongation compared to polypropylene strap
  • • High ability to retain tension
  • • Good elongation recovery
  • • Excellent recyclability
  • • Strong shock resistance

Polyester strap can be applied by hand, with manual and powered tools, and with automatic machines. For smaller bundles, low elongation polypropylene strap may be used as a substitute in certain cases. The type, grade, and width of strap you use will be based on the scale and nature of your paper operations.

Paper Strapping Products

The equipment you choose for your paper strapping operations will depend on the volume, size, and type of product you handle. The types of equipment we offer at PAC Strapping Products include the following:

  • • Manual tensioners, cutters, and sealers, ideal for palletizing
  • • Manual and powered combination tools for lower production speeds
  • • Round bundle base kits, which adapt certain powered tools to the dimensions of paper rolls
  • Semi-automatic strapping machines
  • Palletizing systems for moderate and heavy-duty pallets
  • Fully automatic strappers for use in conveyor systems

In addition to manual and automatic equipment, we offer accessories including edge protectors, seals, buckles, and dispensers, as well as tool repair and beginning kits. For more information about the products we offer to the paper industry, contact PAC Strapping Products today.