Lumber & Panels

PAC Strapping Products serves industries that use, process, package, and ship lumber and panels by providing high-quality and competitively priced strapping materials and equipment. Our products are designed to be tough and reliable while also providing efficient performance in the following strapping applications:

  • • Dimensional lumber
  • • OSB panels
  • • Particle and fiberboard panels
  • • MDF panels
  • • Plywood paneling

We offer a wide variety of tools, machines, and materials for use with bundling and packaging wooden beams and panels, and we can help you choose the right product for your application.

Polyester and Steel Strap for Lumber and Panels

Steel strap has traditionally been used for transporting lumber, but in recent years, polyester has begun taking its place. This is because the high performance polyester strap is nearly as strong as steel while maintaining a certain amount of elasticity to allow for elongation. The ability to stretch slightly and retain its tension afterward makes it ideal for transporting heavy loads that might shift or bounce in transit since breakage from the strain is far less likely. It is both safer than steel and more reliable.

Polyester strap is also applicable by machine, making it a potentially more efficient strap medium than steel, which is typically applied by hand. It also costs less, making it even more cost effective when it comes to lumber and panel applications.

PAC brand steel and polyester strap are both high performance options for those in the lumber and panel industry, and we’ll help you select the best type of strap for your volume and production requirements.

Lumber and Panel Strapping Equipment

Steel strap is typically applied by handheld tools, whereas polyester can be applied either by hand or with the use of automated machinery. The equipment PAC Strapping Products provides include:

  • • Manual steel tensioners, sealers, and cutters for steel strap applications
  • • Steel strap kits to get started with small-scale lumber applications
  • • Sealless combination tools
  • • Automatic strapping machines for use in conveyor lines
  • • Semi-automatic strapping machines to boost efficiency

In addition to heavy duty equipment, PAC Strapping Products also provides accessories including buckles, seals, and kits. For more information about our strapping products for lumber and panels, contact us today.