Strapping Equipment for Logistics & Package Delivery

In the direct mail, logistics, and distribution industries, where daily encounters with new challenges and opportunities are the norm, possessing the right tools can greatly enhance operational efficiency. Enter the world of strapping products—a reliable ally that ensures smooth operations. Whether it’s bundling packages or securing cargo, these sturdy straps serve as essential components in modern logistics and distribution

Strapping Product Applications for the Logistics and Packaging Industry

PAC Strapping Products offers the durable and dependable strapping equipment necessary for your industry needs. Our extensive product range includes comprehensive strapping systems and polypropylene straps, all designed to withstand rigorous use. We prioritize delivering the right product precisely when you need it, at a competitive price point.

Typical applications for strapping in direct mail, logistics, and distribution encompass:
SM60-SST Strapping Machine

    • Direct Mail
    • We provide various tough and durable tools, materials, and machines that assist the direct mail industry with the efficient packaging and bundling of parcels and boxes.

    • Distribution
    • PAC brand tools and machines are durable, fast and accurate, ideal for distribution operations. Products offered include manual & powered tools, semi-automatic and fully automatic strapping machines and more.

Why Choose PAC for Your Lumber and Building Materials Strapping Solutions

Understanding the diverse requirements of our clients is at the core of our expertise. We recognize that the needs of each customer can vary significantly. That’s why we go beyond offering a one-size-fits-all approach for your strapping requirements in the lumber and building materials sector.

With over thirty-five years of industry experience, why settle for a company lacking specialized knowledge in lumber and building materials strapping? Trust in PAC, where our extensive expertise ensures we can surpass your expectations.