In the linen industry, you have special needs when it comes to the packaging. With thin, delicate materials, you need linen strapping equipment that can react to small and irregular loads. A generic industrial strapping machine won’t cut it.

At PAC Strapping Products, we understand that struggle. We work with people within the industry, and we know what products they need. Every item we sell meets and exceeds the industry standards, and our expertise helps us match your operation with the perfect product.

Linen Strapping Products

Depending on the scale and speed of your business, your needs are different. A small linen producer doesn’t need the same level of output as an international supplier. However, your need for quality doesn’t change.

That’s why here at PAC Strapping Products, our entire catalog features top-notch equipment at an affordable price. Any operation of any size can find the perfect product. Some of what we offer includes:

Additional Linen Strapping Services

Knowing the ins and outs of linen strapping means knowing how needs change from producer to producer. You’re not a cookie cutter business, and we won’t treat you like one. That’s why we offer additional services to meet your specific needs. Those include:

  • • Custom strapping systems that you can incorporate into your existing line.
  • • Small accessories to meet the minute details.
  • • Strap kits.
  • • Ongoing tool and equipment repair services. We stand behind what we sell, and we offer the repairs to make sure they stay running.

We’ve been in the industry for over twenty years. That’s the level of experience you should expect from your strapping equipment provider. PAC Strapping Products is the one-stop-shop for all of your linen strapping needs. Contact us today to request a quote for our strapping products and services for the linen industry