Hay Strapping Products

As barriers to international trade become less intimidating, it is now common to both import and export to every corner of the world. One of the successful exports from the United States, primarily from western ports is hay. Hay and forage are exported to China, Korea, Japan, and to various countries in the mid-east. And business is good.

According to Hay and Forager Magazine, business is up 25% from the previous year. But strapping hay for export requires a special strap and a high level of manufacturing expertise. Since the strap is generally heat sealed, embossed polypropylene is the strap of choice. But not just any embossed polypropylene. When strapped hay is loaded into a container, it is highly compressed to maximize bales per container and minimize the freight cost.

As you can see from the picture, every inch of space is taken up by the stacked bales of hay. Standard polypropylene will lose as much as half of the tension during the time it is in the container. As the hay dries and expands, standard polypropylene will expand with it. The result would be a container that would not be able to unloaded except with a pitchfork. Or, in other words, a mess. Hay Strapping

To solve this problem our manufacturing team has engineered a special “low elongation” embossed machine grade product that holds the bales together effectively for the journey. This product, which comes in various different breaks and sizes will run in the machines used in hay baling and our testing indicates it consistently outperforms the competition.

At PAC Strapping Products, we have the catalog and the know-how to make sure your baling operation goes as smoothly as possible. It’s about efficiency, practicality, and cost. Our low elongation polypropylene meets all of those demands and gives you trouble free quality.

Why Choose PAC for your Hay Strapping Needs

Part of our expertise is knowing exactly what our customers need. And, what they need isn’t always the same from client to client. That’s why we offer more than just a one size fits all for your hay baling needs.

We’ve been in the industry for over thirty five years. If you need a company that you can trust, why go with someone that doesn’t know hay strapping? We can exceed your expectations because we have the knowledge and experience to do so.