Graphic Arts Strapping Products

PAC Strapping Products has the perfect option for just about every industry. The graphic arts are no exception. When you are packaging and shipping commercial prints, you have a unique set of challenges. Paper, no matter how thick, is easy to damage, and sending crumpled products out to paying customers is a quick way to lose business. Leave it to us to help you jump these hurdles.

If you have the right equipment and the right materials, you can guarantee that your shipments will make it to their destinations intact. At PAC, we have both of those, plus the experience and expertise to back it up.

Graphic Arts

While there are similarities between all printing industries, graphic arts take a more delicate approach than things like newspapers. A newspaper can fold to a certain extent with no issues. If you fold one of your prints, it’s worthless. That’s wasted time and materials.

That’s why we, at PAC Strapping Products, have the industry standard equipment to make sure that doesn’t happen. Whether it’s for strapping canvas, cardstock, or even fabric, we have what you need. Some of the products we offer are:

  • A full range of strapping machines that can handle the unique requirements of the graphic arts industry.
  • Automatic strapping machines, for higher volume applications and when your printing capacity demands high output
  • Cost effective, Semi-automatic strapping machines for lower volume applications.
  • The Impact Strapper which utilizes direct drive technology to insure accurate tension. The Impact is ideal when you need a tight strap gently applied.

Everything that we sell is built to meet and exceed your expectations. You are investing in a machine that will go the long haul. No matter how high your output, we have something to meet your quantity and budgetary needs.

Additional Graphic Arts Strapping Services

Part of our expertise is knowing exactly what our customers need. And what they need isn’t always the same from client to client. We’ll assist you in designing the right system for the application, deliver and install the equipment when it’s necessary, and provide ongoing maintenance to keep it running.

We’ve been in the industry for over thirty-five years. We know graphic arts, and we know the precision and care that it takes to be successful. When you work with PAC Strapping Products, you’re working with the best.