Food & Beverage Strapping Equipment

PAC brand strapping solutions provide a simple, cost-efficient way to unitize, package, and palletize food and beverage products. The durability of the tools and equipment we offer as well as our high-quality strap combine with competitive pricing to allow for rapid, efficient, and reliable food and beverage strapping operations. Our products serve a wide range of applications in this industry, including the packaging, unitizing, and palletizing of:

  • • Water bottles
  • • Sports drinks
  • • Wine
  • • Refreshments
  • • Snack foods
  • • Frozen foods
  • • Bakery products
  • • Dairy products
  • • Meat and poultry
  • • Seafood packaging

At PAC Strapping Products, you can rely on our sturdily built equipment and tools to assist you in your food industry applications.

Food and Beverage Strapping Materials

Plastic strapping is most commonly used for food and beverage industry applications. Machine applied polypropylene is most commonly used for individual carton closing and palletizing is done with both polypropylene and polyester. Applications for palletized product range from hand held manual and battery powered tools to automatic strapping systems. Whatever your application, PAC has a solution for you. Our experienced specialists will work with your application to develop a system that is cost efficient and reliable.

Strapping Equipment for the Food and Beverage Industry

When bundling and palletizing food or beverage products, you need something that is both fast and precise, which is where PAC brand automatic machines come in. Some of our automatic models include:

Our pallet strapping systems are designed for your specific needs and built to maximize output while keeping total cost of ownership to a minimum. We also offer hand-operated strapping tools, and various accessories, including seals, buckles, dispensers, and edge protectors. For more information about our strapping supplies, contact PAC Strapping Products today.