Distribution Strapping Products

PAC Strapping Products offers a wide range of strap types and equipment designed to assist the distribution industry, from warehousing to bundling packages for transport. Our machines, tools, and strapping materials are all designed to be durable and cost effective while offering you reliable solutions for your distribution needs.

Strapping for Distribution Applications

The types of strap used in distribution depend on the volume and production requirements of the industry. Often, plastic strap is used—polypropylene for light- to regular-duty applications and polyester for products with heavier requirements. Each of these has its advantages, and choosing the right strap for your operations will depend on which advantages you need most.

Polypropylene strap is best for carton closing and bundling, lightweight palletizing, and UPS unitizing. It has high elongation, low elongation recovery, and is easy to recycle.

High performance polyester strap, on the other hand, is best for applications that require maximum tension retention and high break strength, such as heavy duty palletizing. Its high elongation recovery and high capacity for retaining tension make it great for units that need to be held tightly together.

Either of these may be applied by hand or via machine.

Strapping Machines and Equipment for Distribution Applications

Speed and precision are key when it comes to distribution applications. Every unit needs to be squared and strapped neatly, every carton and pallet needs to be securely bundled, and there is very little room for error. PAC brand tools and machines are ideal for distribution operations since they are durable, fast, and accurate. The types of products we offer include:

We also provide various accessories including edge protectors, seals, dispensers, and strapping kits. For more information about our products and services, contact PAC Strapping Products today.