Direct Mail

At PAC Strapping Products, we provide various tools, materials, and machines that assist the direct mail industry with the efficient packaging and bundling of parcels and boxes. Each of our products is designed to be tough and durable, allowing for worry-free strapping solutions that help you to operate as efficiently as you need to.

Direct Mail Strapping Materials

The light-duty applications in the direct mail industry are best served with polypropylene and polyester strap. Polypropylene is highly cost effective, and its elasticity allows for high elongation and recovery, making it ideal for lightweight usage. It is also easy to recycle, can be held together with friction welds, buckles, or seals, and is compatible with both handheld and automatic strapping methods. Common applications include:

  • • Bundling
  • • Carton closing and reinforcement
  • • Package closing and reinforcement
  • • UPS unitizing

Polyester strap offers much more break strength than polypropylene as well as higher tension retention, making it more suitable for heavier applications, such as large packaging and palletizing. To determine which material is best for your application, contact PAC Strapping Products today.

Direct Mail Strapping Tools and Equipment

PAC brand polypropylene and polyester strap can be applied through various methods, including hand operated tools, powered/combination tools, semi-automatic machines, and fully automatic machinery. The type of equipment you choose will ultimately depend on the scale and volume you need in your direct mail processes. Typically, manual tools are best for low-scale production, whereas automatic machines are needed for conveyor systems and rapid output requirements. Some of our specific products include:

In addition to a wide range of plastic strapping equipment, we also provide numerous accessories including seals, buckles, dispensers, and edge protectors. We also repair tools if they should wear out or become damaged during use. For more information on our products and services, contact PAC Strapping Products today.