Strapping Equipment for Corrugated Products

PAC Strapping Products offers sturdy, reliable, and cost effective materials and equipment for use with all kinds of corrugated products, from basic carton to triple-wall boxes. The materials we provide allow for tight strapping, bundling, and palletizing of compressible cardboard products that prevent unwanted expansion.

Each of our products is designed to last, and we market our tools and equipment at a competitive price. This ensures your operations become more efficient and yield a higher return on your investment.


Corrugated products like cardboard and paperboard need to be properly compressed, which means the strap you use should maintain its tension and allow minimal amounts of give in the bundle. Our high performance polyester strap is designed to retain tension and recover from elongation, making it excellent for these applications. Its high break strength also makes it ideal for the heavy weights involved in the industry.

PAC brand polyester strap can be applied by hand or by machine, making it a versatile solution for anyone who uses or produces mass volumes of corrugated product.


Our strapping machines and palletizing systems are designed to be swift and reliable, and they boast many features that prevent bottlenecking and lost production. The equipment we provide for corrugated strapping applications include:

  • Semi-automatic strapping machines for off line applications
  • Fully automatic machines with integrated conveying systems
  • • End of line bundling strappers that will strap flat cartons in any direction and with multiple patterns
  • • Strapping systems designed to handle either palletized cartons or slip sheets
  • Manual and powered hand tools for strapping larger sized product in operations with lower production rate requirements

We also offer numerous accessories including seals, buckles, dispensers, and edge protectors. Each of our machines comes with a warranty, and we provide tool repair services in the event that an item wears out or breaks. To learn more about our corrugated strapping products and services, contact PAC Strapping Products today.