Introducing our New Pallet Strapping System

At PAC Strapping we are constantly working to improve our products and make sure our customers receive the very best strapping solutions. For over 30 years we have been focused on providing quality products with competitive pricing, which is why we’re happy to announce the release of our newest pallet strapper. The PSS 703 pallet strapper was first unveiled to Pack Expo attendees and now we’re ready to share the news with all our clients.

Our new pallet strapping solution is a cost effective system that allows companies to easily strap an entire pallet. Designed by our system specialists to offer our clients a turnkey solution to their pallet strapping needs, PAC Strapping will also install and maintain the system. The PSS 703 is PLC controlled, works with polyester and polypropylene cord strapping, and is available with a pallet lance system.

In addition to our newest pallet strapper we also manufacture and supply a wide range of polyester, polypropylene and cord strapping, strapping machines, and more. To view all our products visit our website and to stay up-to-date on all the latest news from PAC Strapping follow us on FacebookLinkedIn, and YouTube.

Quick Sales Tips from PAC Strapping

At PAC Strapping we are always looking to help our customers. One way we do this is to publish a quick sales tip each month. This one page document goes out to our customers and provides them with sales materials and ideas to increase sales and profits of strapping.

And now we want to extend these materials to our blog readers as well. Our clients can read these monthly tips in just a few minutes and get valuable advice on selling more strapping and helping solve their customers’ problems. Our customers and network of distributors tell us that they use these tips to get new ideas and how to approach customers who need strapping solutions.

Additionally, we are constantly asking our customers what we can improve with our sales tips and business in general. We send out surveys to our customers twice a year to learn more about their needs and where we can do better. This year we saw several positive results in our survey from our respondents, including a significant majority of our customers who said lead times were regularly met, 100% who said the ability to get customer service to answer their questions was on a timely basis, 100% said that since launching the online tool repair system they were able to get tool repairs completed faster, and in regards to sales support. Half of our territory managers were rated “Best in Class” among all mill reps, and provided exceptional sales support. We are excited to hear back from our customers and will take these results into consideration for improving our business.

To learn more about PAC Strapping and our products and services, please visit our website. Readers can also follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for more industry news, company updates, and of course more sales tips.

PAC Strapping Announces New Polyester Cord Strapping

We’re very excited to announce our new polyester cord strapping to our customers. We first unveiled our new cord strapping at Pack Expo and are now ready to share it with all of our clients. We worked on developing this new product for over a year and field tested it for all of 2013 before shipping to ensure that it meets the quality standards our customers have come to expect. It has now been proven in hundreds of applications and is especially well-suited for building trade applications and holds together for “lumber drops” on the job site.

Our new polyester cord strapping is available in both bonded and woven as well as regular duty and heavy duty. The strapping is easy to apply and only requires a hand tensioner and heavy duty wire buckle. The new polyester cord strapping can also help customers save money on freight costs and we are able to offer our clients comprehensive training including methods of application so that they can receive all the benefits of the cord strapping.

To learn more about our new polyester cord strapping, contact us directly. We also encourage new readers to subscribe to our blog via email on the left-hand side of this page to receive more company news and product announcements. We also actively post industry news on FacebookLinkedIn, and YouTube.

Recent Trends in Raw Material Prices

At PAC Strapping we are frequently asked “What way is resin going?” and our answer is we do our best to predict if the price will go up or down by following the market. Additionally we read all the industry publications and subscribe to newsletters and look at internal and external indicators to give our best prediction.

Recent announcements seem to indicate that polypropylene resin is on the upswing and traditionally this means that there will be an increase in strap and other polypropylene based items. We have also received letters from resin suppliers indicating that they will increase the price of their polypropylene products. Since it’s hard to win or lose with speculation and external events can often dramatically impact resin prices our best counsel is for distributors to do what they do best: carry enough stock to service their customers.

We will continue to watch the market and keep our customers informed to the best of our abilities. To keep abreast of more industry news we encourage readers to subscribe to our blog and follow us on Facebook. Customers can also learn more about our plastic strapping products by visiting our website.