Bottom Seal Strapping Machines


PAC Strapping Products provides high quality and high value automatic bottom seal strapping machines for numerous applications. Whether as part of a fully automated system or as a standalone strapping solution, our automatic strapping machines get the job done with little worry for maintenance or exorbitant upfront costs.

These machines come in arch models and can be fully automated, they are set up something like a desk, with the sealing occurring below the “desk” panels, making them ideal for waist-height conveyor systems and fast-paced strapping processes.


SM65 Strapping Machine

This model is available in various arch and strap sizes, configured to your business’s specific needs. The SM65 has nearly a third fewer moving parts than other brands, meaning it can work faster, more cleanly, and with fewer errors. This also reduces the burden of maintenance and power consumption, making it an even greater value. Among the features it offers are:

  • • Easy strap access—no tools necessary!
  • • Waist-height coil change with automatic feeding
  • • Sensor controlled heater for consistent seals
  • • Adjustable table height
  • • Jam-free technology in which missed straps are ejected
  • • Foot controlled switch, either a standard bar or a foot pedal switch
  • • Photocell activation for various programming options

This also comes in a fully automatic model, the SM65-FA, which boasts additional features, including simplified strapping head, hinged top plates for easy maintenance, multiple strap patterns, and adjustable conveyor speeds, to name a few. The SM65-FA requires no operator and utilizes sensors to place your strap in the proper location, every time.


Auto PAC 300

This strapper is both highly reliable and priced well below other brands, making it a great value for high volume strapping needs. It is designed for 9mm (3/8”) or 12mm (1/2”) strap, and provides a host of features that are usually only found on more expensive brands. Its standard features include:

  • • Lubrication-free strapping head
  • • Auto feeding with the flip of a switch
  • • Automatic loop ejection for missed straps
  • • Activation with a foot pedal, manual controls, or photocell
  • • End of strap sensor, which ejects short pieces at the end of a coil
  • • Consistent tension through electronic systems

The fully automatic version, the Auto PAC 300-FA, provides additional features while still being affordable. These include adjustable photocells, a variable conveyor speed, and simpler controls. The Auto PAC 300-FA requires no operator and utilizes sensors to place your strap in the proper location, every time.


Applications of Bottom Seal Strapping Machines

Bottom seal strapping machines provide a swift, automated solution to your strapping needs. Common applications include:

  • • Bundling items together, like papers or parcels
  • • Sealing packages
  • • Reinforcing
  • • Postal bundling
  • Food packing
  • • Binding lumber and millwork

And, of course, numerous other applications depending on your industry. The exact use will determine the strap type and arch size you will want on your bottom sealing strapping machine. To learn more about our strapping machines and their applications in your industry, contact PAC Strapping Products today.